The Humane Society of the Upper Valley is a volunteer based organization that works to save the lives of animals in the Upper Snake River Valley. We work closely with local animal shelters and law enforcement agencies to save as many animals as possible. Throughout our foster program, we have been able to adopt out over 150 animals so far this year. We offer spay and neuter assistance to aid in the fight against pet overpopulation, as well as pet food assistance to those in need. Also offered by the Humane Society of the Upper Valley is our 24 Hour message service which is checked and answered on a daily basis to offer help to people with pet-related problems.

What HSUV offers

Spay/Neuter Program –
Spaying and Neutering is the most important aspect of animal rescue. By helping get animals spayed and neutered in our community, we are helping to loving the amount of homeless animals in our shelters.

Education Program –
By educating the public on the importance of responsible pet ownership, we are helping to increase awareness of pet overpopulation, neglect, abuse and common illnesses family pets are prone to.

Dog/Cat Program –
HSUV rescues cats and dogs without families, gets them spayed/neutered, current on shots and microchipped and find their fur-ever homes.
To discuss rehoming, see Pet Surrender

Foster Program –
Each one of our animals is cared for in on of a network of foster homes. We are always in need of both cat and dog fosters. It is a great way to save a life!

Food Program –
HSUV holds 2 annual food drives that help us to help the less fortunate people in our community who have fallen on hard times and cannot afford to feed their pets.

Senior Program –
The Last Round Up aims to house senior animals, make sure they are healthy, altered, current on shots, and hopefully find a loving companion for them to live out the rest of their lives. However, if a home cannot be found, they are allowed to live out the rest of their lives in comfort at The Last Round Up.